6 thoughts on “St Bede’s Athletic’s Day

  1. Sarah A 3/4 A

    On Tuesday, 19th August 2014, it was St Bede’s Athletics Carnival. I competed in nine events and they were: Triple jump, Long jump, High jump, Discus, Shot put, 100m sprint, 200m sprint, 800m run, and Blue team Relay. I got six ribbons. The ribbons were 1st for 100m, 1st for 200m, 1st for the Relay, 2nd for Discus, 4th for high jump and 4th for 800m. My first run was the 100m sprint and the thoughts that were racing through my head were: keep going, run faster, I can do it, do it for Blue house. The next day, 20th August 2014, I got asked what events I would like to compete in for district, and I chose 200m sprint and Discus.

  2. Alissa

    Hi guys as you know for homework we had to write a 5 sentence story about athletics day, I saw, I felt, I thought and I wanted.

    On Athletics day I saw people everywhere, everyone was busy, all of it was hectic. I felt nervous and excited, especially when I was did the 800m. It was a long track, but I felt pretty confident. I thought I was going to be sore and exhausted after the long day, but surprisingly I was fine. I thought I wasn’t going to make the 800m, but I did. I wanted to at least come first in the 100m but I didn’t. I realized that it didn’t really matter. I also wanted things to be organised better. Overall it was a great day!

  3. Leo

    I saw the other teams and thought how well would they go.
    I felt excited because it was my last year and I wanted a ribbon.
    I thought our house did a pretty good job with our performance.
    I wanted to win a 1st ribbon but I at least tried my hardest.
    I thought every team did pretty well at everything and I think everyone should’ve won because they put so much effort into everything.

  4. Thomas 3/4A

    I thought I would come in the bottom 3, but I came in the top 4. I felt nervous at the start of my sprints but when the gun went off I felt comfortable running. I saw lots of other kids running and doing other activities. I wanted to see how my friends ran and support them. I thought Athletic’s Day was a fun and tiring day.

  5. Annie

    At St Bede’s fun Athletic’s day l felt excited when I first arrived. I saw many loud students and chattering parents in the crowd. I think I did a fantastic job receiving three pretty ribbons at the end of Athletic’s day. I wanted to try my hardest at the next Athletics day and hopefully I will receive more ribbons than this year’s Athletic’s day. I felt exhausted when I came home and my legs felt like they were about to fall off.

  6. Tiana 3/4A

    At Athletics Day,

    I saw lots of people throwing, jumping and running.
    I felt like every one was having a really good time
    But I thought I could have done better at long jump and triple jump.
    I wanted athletics to be a bit slower so it would last longer.
    Athletics was a really fun day and I had a great time.


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