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3/4A Inquiry Diary

This week, we have been using Tony Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys. We worked in small groups and utilised some of the following keys:


We explored several topics including;

Name 10 things that you could not clean.

List 5 sounds that you have never heard.

Name 10 things that you could not photograph.


What if the price of petrol was immediately doubled?

What if all cars turned into skateboards?

Tony Ryan has written an amazing introduction to his “Thinker’s Key’s”. Visit this link below to find out more information.

It’s now Term 2, our inquiry this term is “What makes us good learners!”. We began this inquiry with a provocation about “The Brain”. We worked in small groups of our choosing and were given an hour and a quarter to learn about the brain and then present our learning back to the class at the end of the time. Resources were provided in the form of website suggestions, physical materials, books and diagrams. After the presentations we discussed which groups worked well and why they were more successful.

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We have been learning about “Multiple Intellegences” and completed a survey to determine our strengths.


We are creating an “inquiry diary” to record our process of learning about

“Why Great Journeys of Exploration Occurred”

On Tuesday 25th Feb we visited the Polly Woodside to enrich our knowledge of what it would have been like to explore by sea in the early days. The excursion was amazing and provided us with a great deal of new knowledge.

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 We learnt that ….

Showers were a priviledge and often only happened when  it rained. (by Veronica)

Leo learnt about the terms “starboard” and “port” and how important these terms were to the safety of the ship.

The ships were not all  made of wood, but of iron as well! (By Jacob)

Mila learnt that the crew members didn’t always get along with each other and they had to learn to cooperate with each other.

You could get splinters if you didn’t scrub the deck. (By Mila)

George learnt that George Andrew’s kept a diary to write all about his journey on the Polly Woodside.

Tess learnt that young people had to sleep near the Captain so they didn’t learn bad language from the rest of the crew. Children as young as 9 worked on the ship!

Annie learnt that many of the crew were from jail.

Thomas learnt that both young and old people die at sea. Some had sea burials, others when food was scarce were eaten by the crew!

The diary will give us the opportunity to record and share our learning.

We completed a ‘PMI Chart’ after our excursion to the Polly Woodside on Tuesday. Here are some examples:

006 005

The “PMI Chart” is one way to analyse an activity and clarify your learning. Could you please post comments that reflect on the PMI Chart as a learning tool?

As well as the PMI Chart, we completed some snap shot writing with different sentence starters. This allowed us to clarify our thinking and learning instead of just retelling about the excursion experience.

Here are some samples of our writing.

004 003 002 001

32 thoughts on “Inquiry

    • mrsturner

      Hi Imy
      Our topic is “Why do great journeys of exploration occur?”. We have learnt alot about James Cook and we went on an amazing excursion to Polly Woodside in the city.
      From Mila

    • mila

      Hi Alissa! I really enjoyed Polly Woodside too. I learnt lots of things as well. Did you know that when I read Zara’s sheet of paper on the blog, I learnt that when people die they sometimes eat the dead people’s body.

  1. Zara

    I agree with Alissa and Mila, but I thought the video was a bit scary because of all the violence.
    It was hard to live on a ship in those days.
    From Zara

  2. Sarah

    Great reflection Alissa and Mila!
    I learned that little children aged nine, ten and eleven were forced to work on the Polly Woodside. I liked that Justin, our class tour guide was so enthusiastic, and made us laugh once in a while. He was a great tour guide. Our whole class have recommend him. Ask for Justin if you ever go to the Polly Woodside.

  3. Annie

    Hi guys,
    I had a great time at Polly Woodside!(‘I think we all did’).
    Justin was my class’ tour guy. He was very funny and made us scared sometimes.
    I leant a lot on the excursion to Polly Woodside.
    I loved it!

  4. Olivia

    Great comment Sarah I agree.
    I loved going on the Polly Woodside and learning all about the early days and what it would have been like.

    • Jacob

      The Polly woodside was great and very interesting. I learned how hard it was to work on the ship. The movie we watched was very interesting. I now know lots about the Polly Woodside. Also if anyone would like to join me and Roman’s Lego club in the library at lunch and if you do want to sign up just post a comment on the blog and type: I want to join the Lego club. Also the poster will be up for eight days from March the 6th to March the 14th.from Jacob.

  5. Lucinda

    I agree with Angus. I love to learn about Captain Cook and when I visited the Polly Woodside it was amazing. Our guide Justin played a funny and scary trick on us.

  6. Tess

    Hi guys,
    The Polly Woodside was so good! At the end of our Writing you can see our PMI charts. I like them because they are good for you’re teacher to see what you liked, what you disliked and what you found interesting. I think lots of people should use them because they have all that you need on it.You should try one at school!
    From Tess

  7. Florian

    Who are some of your explorers? My explorers are Burke and Wills . They explored Australia from north to south. They died of starvation and dehydration . It is interesting researching them .They did things like they ate a python because they had no food. They ate many more disgusting things.

    Florian OUT 🙂

  8. Yassi

    Hi everyone,
    I loved the Polly Woodside so much !! I thought that Justin was awesome because when we were in the bedrooms he said that Eric was in there , but while we were looking for Eric he popped out and scared us . But before that we went in the gallery and watched a movie about how life was on a ship in the days . I learned a lot about it . I would love to learn about another explorer.
    geoqueen (yassi)

  9. tiana

    Polly Woodside was a great excursion.
    The scary part was that Justin kept scaring us.
    It was so fun I learnt lots of things!

  10. joshuata

    On the 25 of February we went on a excursion to Polly Woodside, we did not know what to expect. We learnt a lot of information but at the same time we had fun. I think our tour named Justin taught us a lot about what it was like to sail in those days he also made it interesting by frightening us.

  11. Florian

    I learned that the Polly Woodside is not all made of wood it is also made of steel.
    They would go to sea for 3 to 12 months. The living conditions on the ship were
    very hard.

    Florian OUT (- :

  12. Yassi

    Hi everyone,
    One of the things I learned about the ship is that it is 129 years old. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a very,very long time ago that it was built!
    geoqueen (Yassi)

  13. frankie

    We are legends!!!!!
    I love reading to my buddies Marcus and Angus . Ok, back to the Studio!
    We are Awesome!

    Frankie over and out!!!!!

  14. George

    Hi, I’m George,
    I think that the Polly Woodside was amazing (so did the whole class)because we had a great tour guide called Justin. He was so cool and made everything come alive like the skeleton hands on the ship and all the snoring and the scaring. The thing I liked most about the Polly Woodside was that we learnt all about exploring.

  15. alissa

    I love the dea of the inquiry diary because other people can see what we have been doing and learning. Again I loved the Polly Woodside I learnt alot of new things and it was very interesting!

    Kind Regards Alissa!

    • jacob

      i mega super love learning what we are learning for inquiry this term. I have come up with a few names for the blog frog and they are: Cheeseburger, Jen Burgenstian or for short Jeb, Bob the Job the Pob and Mr Apple Pie! from jacob and his friend Apple Pie.

  16. leon

    Hi Guys

    The Polly Woodside was great fun I learnt how hard it was working on the ship. One of the things I learnt was that the steering wheel is at the front of the ship not the back of the ship otherwise it was really interesting. I really enjoyed the excursion.


  17. angus

    Hi George,
    I agee with you and Jacob. I am doing James Cook as well.
    I also think Ghost Buster IS A GREAT GAME!!!!



  18. Veronica

    Hi guys!
    Its Veronica!
    I had such a fun time at the Polly Woodside and I learned so much.
    If you come to Melbourne Victoria in the city try to track down were the Polly Woodside is!
    When you do the FIRST thing you is see the Polly Woodside.

  19. Amelie

    I remember when we learnt about Captain James Cook. There was a lot to learn and I learnt that Captain James Cook was Born on October 27 1728, in Marton-in-Cleveland, Yorkshire, England. James Cook was a naval captain, navigator and explorer who, in 1770, discovered and charted New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. I miss you, Amelie! ):

    • EMMA.B.

      Hi Amelie,
      Its nice to know you have learnt a
      lot in inquiry. I learnt a lot too. Do you
      know when Captain James Cook
      died and how?
      From your friend Emma.

  20. Sarah 3/4 A

    Hi my name is Sarah, and I go to St Bedes’ Primary School in Victoria, Australia. My classmates and I attend school five days a week and every day we start at 8:40am and finish at 3:15pm. Some of the subjects we study are: Math’s, English, P.E, Art, Sport, Italian, Music, Religion, and Inquiry. I also play a lot of basketball, in fact five days a week. I play tennis once a week as well. Living in Australia can be really busy at times, but we are lucky to have many opportunities.

  21. Zara

    My day begins when I wake up in the morning
    at around 7.30am then I get ready to go to school and my mum drives me there.
    When I get to school I bring my pencil case and my diary to my desk, then I chat
    with my friends. After school mum picks me up and we go home. Normally I have
    after-school activities on, but if I don’t I stay home and do my homework and
    sometimes I get spare time. At around 6pm we have dinner; we normally have
    vegetables and meat. Then I do some more homework, I read a book and then I
    go to bed and that is my daily life in Australia.

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