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Learning “How to Tell the Time”

Today we worked in small groups and collaborated together to learn the time. Our learning intention was that all students would learn to tell the time to five minute intervals.

“Our Time Experts” worked with one or two students to teach them how to tell the time in a way that made sense to them. This was important learning for our experts as they need to explain their knowledge specifically and also think of other ways to explain if the first way wasn’t working.

At the end of the teaching time, each learner was tested by an independent expert to measure new learning. All of the studnets recorded an improvement in their knowledge of telling the time!

Well Done to our “Time Experts” and well done to all the students on their improvement.


This is a game to play with a friend or family member. Hope you enjoy the challenge!


This a game to play to practise your timestables. Have fun and play often to improve your speed and accuracy.

7 thoughts on “Maths

  1. angus

    so happy that we are doing place value.
    I love it so far and the activities are amazing

    yours sincerely

  2. Sarah

    The first maths video was a bit too repetitive and it only went up to the hundreds of thousands.
    I think it should of gone at least up to the millions.

    Regards Sarah

    • Tiana and Frankie (3/4A)

      Dear Sarah,
      I like your comment about the maths video.
      We think it should go up to the millions to
      because it to easy we think it should be more challenging.

      from Tiana and Frankie

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