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  1. Olivia

    At the moment I am reading Meet Grace. The book is about a mischievous Australian convict girl. I would recommend this book to others in my class, because it’s an exciting and interesting novel . I rate this book 8/10.


  2. Yassi

    Hi everyone,
    I’m reading a book called ” The Adventures Of The Wishing Chair.” I think it’s a great book because Molly , Peter and Chinky go on lots of amazing adventures on the wishing chair. My favourite chapter is probably ” The Land of Dreams” because lots of fun , weird and awesome things happen. I would rate this book 10/10.
    Yassi the geoqueen

  3. alissa

    Hi I’m reading a fantastic novel called The Mermaid of Bondi Beach. For those people in my class who have never heard of it, our teacher read a brief intro at the library. I recommend this book for others because it is exciting, funny and unpredictable. It is an easy read and I would give it a … 9/10

    From Alissa

  4. Thomas

    I am reading a book called Vile Victorians. This book is a book that has the history back in the 1900s to the 1700s. I recommend this book because it has funny and real history about the Queens and servants back then. I give this book a rating of 9/10

  5. leon

    Hi guys

    I recommend a book called DIARY OF A WIMPY KID . I recommend this book because its really funny and enjoyable to read . I give it 8/10

  6. Annie

    Hi students,teachers and every one who read this,
    At the moment I am reading a book called Nellie and the Secret Letter,by Penny Matthews.
    The series is called Our Australian Girls. The story is about an Irish orphan girl named Nellie and she has an Irish orphan best friend,Mary. During Nellie’s journey, she made three new friends,Tom, Trotty and Li. I rate this book 9.5/10.


  7. Tiana

    I am reading a book called ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’. It is a great book and I am really enjoying it.
    It is written by Kate DiCamillo. I have only started reading it and it is really good. I rate this book 8/10!

    • mrsturner

      I’m so glad you are enjoying this book Tiana, it is great to try new authors! She has written a couple of other books on our classroom bookshelf that you could try next! Well Done

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